zwei Holzfiguren in Reisemontur
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Gallery of old masters

Who says you have to be young to be creative? The exhibition Galerie (ur)alter Meister (Gallery of old masters) draws attention to six genuinely old masters of folk art.

  • DATES 11/06/2016—16/10/2016


Some of them have always been creative and simply can’t stop being so as octogenarians. Others have only just started at that advanced age: Lothar Lauterbach does not carve 100 or more faces on a cherry stone but rather whole pine forests out of nuts. For decades now, Günter Schwoboda has been creating humorous scenes in the tradition of folk art from the Ore Mountains, and since the 1950s Liselotte Lange has been spinning golden scenes out of dry straw. Sigrid Stauch has been sewing and crafting puppets and figurines more or less all her life and isn’t about to stop. Fredo Kunze, by contrast, only discovered his talent for figural comics after retiring. The youngest among these old masters is Helmut Richter, who uses a carving knife to tell exciting stories about Winnetou, Wickie the Viking and other strong men.

zwei Holzfiguren in Reisemontur
Günter Schwoboda, Reisezeit

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