alt und jung bemalen Ostereier
© SKD, Foto: Claudia Jacquemin, Michael Schmidt

Easter at Jägerhof

Easter provides one of the best opportunities for enjoying creative activities. Anyone can decorate eggs with paints, crayons or pens. Whoever needs a bit of inspiration or simply wants to get into the right mood for Easter-time is most welcome to pay a visit to the Museum für Sächsische Volkskunst. Here in the Jägerhof, suitably decked out with Easter decorations, true artists demonstrate what wonderful things can be done with eggs. Traditional techniques and the latest highly skilled or sometimes astoundingly simple forms of decoration are presented and also sold at very reasonable prices. In addition, there is a weekend programme with readings, music and talks. Spring is on its way. We are ready and waiting.

  • DATES 12/03/2016—03/04/2016


The parallel exhibition of Olaf Frenzel’s “Grünes Gewölbe light” takes the art of egg decorating to its limits. An engineer by profession, Frenzel proves that with skilled hands, sophisticated techniques and considerable ambition, it is possible to produce ornate eggs in the style of the Paris goldsmith Carl Peter Fabergé. However, his works are not only modelled on the eggs supplied to the court of the Tsar in St. Petersburg. Using real natural objects and highly refined metals, he produces amazingly accurate copies of precious objects from the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden. His crystal and enamel bowls, seashell vessels, as well as ships and goblets made of nautilus shells are not to be missed.

ein mit Apfelblüten verziertes Osterei
© Olaf Frenzel

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