The Sounds of Heimat.

A documentary installation

What are the sounds of home; what are the sounds of Saxony? To answer that question, in 2018 the Dresden musician, composer and producer Felix Räuber set off on a journey of discovery through his native German state, from Dresden to the German-Polish border region, taking in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), the Sorbian settlement area and Leipzig.

  • DATES 25/03/2023—22/10/2023


Heimat 2

Together with his team, he researched into the many cultures that make Saxony such a varied, universal place – rich in history and tales, with all the melodies, notes, sounds, languages, noises, instruments and musicians that accompany them. The settings and things that make Saxons feel at home: what do they sound like? What do people associate with their origins, their homeland and their own place within it?

Heimat 3

At the Museum für Sächsische Volkskunst, the materials that inspired and make up this interdisciplinary project – combining documentary film-making, music production, live events, performances and exhibitions – form a walk-in documentary installation.

Visitors are invited to get to know some of the people Felix Räuber met on his expeditions, from whom he gathered a wide range of acoustic material – from dying languages and forest noises to the sounds of a workshop and songs by Gerhard Gundermann. Each of the exhibition’s eight sections opens a window onto a new world of sounds and with it a new view of what home can mean to people. A mixing desk gives visitors the chance to try their hand at combining these acoustic findings and creating their own compositions.

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Wie klingt Heimat? Eine dokumentarische Installation | Trailer

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Ausstellungsobjekte vor grünem Hintergrund
25/03/2023 —22/10/2023
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